Local Grocers seeing more foot traffic ahead of holiday

Local Grocers seeing more foot traffic ahead of holiday (Image 1)
Local Grocers seeing more foot traffic ahead of holiday (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

ROANOKE (WSLS) The snow may have slowed holiday travel but it did not stop people from getting groceries.

Business owners say it's been non-stop with hours left to get the turkey ready.

They are also seeing a rush in last minute shoppers.

The threat of bad weather always has people clearing the shelves at grocery stores, plus Thanksgiving is on Thursday.

The owner of "Tinnell's," a grocery store in Roanoke, said the combination of the two has kept him running around.

The parking lot at Walmart is full of cars with last minute shoppers getting food for Thanksgiving.

"We're going to have ham, mac'n cheese, apple, cherry pie," Mary Hopkins said.

After the snow fell in Southwest Virginia, people had to be smart about getting their food.

"We went early, early, just dodging the people," Hopkins said.

Those who wanted to avoid the long lines went to smaller, local grocers like Tinnell's, buying whatever items they needed for Turkey Day.

The owner of Tinnell's says the big seller was, no surprise, turkey.

"We sold the fresh turkeys and the free range turkeys as well," Rett Ward the owner of Tinnell's said.

Ward also said the snow hasn't really stopped people from shopping.

"The snow has really added on the fun of the day for sure, its been great today we've been crazy busy this is generally our second busiest day of the year," Ward said.

On Monday, Ward says he plans to prepare for this busiest day of the year Christmas Eve.