Baum Squad wins largest family in Drumstick Dash

Roanoke (WSLS) - The Drumstick Dash has filled the streets of downtown Roanoke on Thanksgiving morning since 2006.

The Baum family in Roanoke has made it a tradition to run the race since 2009.

In fact, they've won the largest family award every year since and this year was no different.

Beth Strelow goes down the line naming the some of the 25 family members who take part in the Drumstick Dash.

Every year, they have a different number of runners, it just depends who shows up for Thanksgiving, but since they started this family tradition in 2009 every year they've had the largest family to register and run.

"I decided that it would be a fun way for our family to start Thanksgiving Day, just to help other people that are in need and the Rescue Mission is a great charity locally," Beth explained.

Beth showed us the headbands she had made last year with their team name embroidered on it.

"We go by the name ‘Baum Squad,' my dad, my maiden name, made bright orange headbands, so we all wear these, so it's easier to spot."

Along with the headbands, the Baum Squad also wears buttons recognizing the family for their commitment to the cause.

At the helm so to speak is Beth's father, Fred Baum.

He usually walks the Drumstick Dash and did the same this year despite suffering a stroke earlier this year.

"I thought I'd try," Fred said.

"It's just nice to all get together and come back to the house and have dinner."

Beth and Fred say giving back to the Roanoke Rescue Mission first thing in the morning is teaching the next generation an important lesson about the meaning of this holiday.

"We have so much to be thankful for and we want to help other people," she said.

For the younger runners in the family they can give back, eat a big meal, and still have the strength to keep going.

"In the afternoon they usually end up playing flag football," joked Fred.