Winter Weather creates dire need for blood

Winter Weather creates dire need for blood (Image 1)
Winter Weather creates dire need for blood (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WSLS10) The winter weather has affected roads with travel, but its also impacted blood supply.

Workers from Virginia Blood Services say there is a dire need for all types of blood specifically O -

They say they lost about 1,200 units because high schools and colleges in the area were closed for the weather.

Students were not able to donate. Workers say each unit can save up to three lives.

A mobile unit was set up in front of Lowe's in christiansburg to get people to donate.

"Just because we have bad weather patients don't take a vacation we need to make sure we have an adequate supply at all times so people can please respond by going and donating blood," Austin Rehfield Virginia Blood Services Regional Recruitment Director said.

Red Cross Volunteers say the snow affected them not being able to collect 2000 blood and platelet donations. 

They need 200-250 pints of blood everyday to meet needs daily.

The blood drive started today and runs through mid March.

For more info on the blood drive go vablood.org.