Character Academy graduate performs CPR, saves grandfather's life

Character Academy graduate performs CPR, saves grandfathers life (Image 1)
Character Academy graduate performs CPR, saves grandfathers life (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - A 12-year-old Roanoke girl never imagined that a recent snow day would be the day she would save her grandfather's life, but that's what happened on the morning of February 17. 

Glory Rogers found her grandfather, collapsed on the floor and, while her grandmother called 9-1-1, Glory used the knowledge she gained at the Character Academy to perform life-saving CPR. 

After Glory and her grandmother checked for his pulse, but could not find one, Glory told her grandmother she learned CPR in the Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Character Academy for kids.

She began chest-compressions while her grandmother relayed instructions from the 9-1-1 dispatcher. 

A paramedic crew from the Masons Cove station arrived and they confirmed with dispatch that this patient was a working code blue and provided advanced life support (ALS) treatment before taking him to a local hospital. 

Glory's grandfather spent several days in the hospital and the cardiologist could find no damage had been done as a result of his sudden heart attack. The medical team credits actions taken by Glory and the paramedics with saving his life. 

Roanoke County Fire & Rescue is hosting a reception to honor and recognize Glory for her heroic and brave efforts to save her grandfather's life. Fire and rescue crews said Glory is a testament to the value and importance of fire and life-safety public education. 

Honored at the event will be those who played a role in saving Glory's grandfather's life including Glory, her grandfather and grandmother, the paramedic who taught Glory CPR, the paramedic crew who provided ALS treatment to her grandfather, the public education team, 9-1-1 dispatchers who provided Emergency Medical Direction and Chief Richard E. Burch, Jr.

The event will take place Thursday, March 5 at 4:00 p.m. at the Roanoke Valley Regional Fire & EMS Training Center.