Cause of Galax house fire that killed 3 was child playing with lighter, candle

GALAX (WSLS 10) - Carroll County Sheriff J. B. Gardner said the house fire that took the lives of three young children has been officially ruled an accident. 

Investigators found the fire was a result of a child playing with a cigarette lighter and a candle. The fire started in the kitchen area.

First Responders give reaction to Galax House fire

The Medical Examiner's Office in Roanoke also released the cause of death for the three children as smoke inhalation.

After discussing the findings with members of the Delp family, the parents, Amanda and Trenton, said they hoped the death of their three children would not be in vain and asked that their tragic loss be turned into something positive. 

Third child of four in Galax house fire dies in hospital Friday

The Delp's have asked that "parents take the time to discuss the dangers of fire with their children. They want to remind parents to have an escape plan in case a fire should occur and to discuss routes of escape from different areas of your home, as well as the importance of a establishing a gathering point once outside the home. The Delp's also wanted to remind everyone to install smoke detectors in their homes, along with new batteries twice a year and not to forget the importance of having working fire extinguishers throughout your home."

Galax community remembers children killed in fire

Sheriff Gardner would like to thank all the members of the community that have prayed for this family, sent donations, held benefits and for all the countless other acts of kindness that have been shown, during this terrible time.