Graphic images, hi-tech devices used to prevent teens from distracted driving

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April 1st kicks off "Distracted Driver Awareness" month. Statistics show, in 2013, more than 700 Virginians died in automobiles accidents. Experts said 25% of those crashes were caused by cell phone use while driving. Despite knowing the dangers, some young people continue to text and drive.

"I think the temptation is just always in front of them and I think that drives against not doing it" said Ida Mcmillan-Zaph.

In an effort to prevent more teens from texting behind the wheel a Roanoke-based company, Origo, created a device which requires drivers to dock their phones before they can start the car. Company President, Clay Skelton, said it's a unique way to force teens to keep their eyes on the road and off their cell phones. He said he uses the device with his own kids.

"I have a piece of mind knowing they're not texting and driving" he said. "But I don't have a piece of mind knowing the other drivers aren't texting and driving."

Skelton points to the car lines at schools and encourages parents to set a good example.

"Point the finger at each other and go, "You know what, it can wait." Put the phone down, he said.

Agencies are using Public Service Announcements with graphic images as a scare tactic. People hope to prevent teen drivers from becoming crash statistics and send a clear message that texting must wait.