Danville historic district revitalization project

Danville historic district revitalization project (Image 1)
Danville historic district revitalization project (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)



With broken windows, to wood posts holding up a porch and even a condemned notice, homes sit along Jefferson Avenue in Danville abandoned and dilapidated.

Today many homeowners are working to restore and preserve the city's history. 

"This is I think the most important historic neighborhood in Danville," says homeowner Sarah Latham.

Latham lives in Old West End, A neighborhood that was once thriving. However, after Dan River Mills closed shop, people left.

Now Latham feels the city is moving in the right direction to get homes renovated. 

"I am thrilled the city is starting now to work in these projects," Latham said. 

A 2012 study showed a portion of the Old West End historic district properties were vacant. They now hope rehab of some of those properties will make them more attractive for potential buyers.

"This area the OWE, Old West End historic district was identified as having a great deal of potential for rebirth revitalization," said Danville Community Development Director Earl Reynolds.

"We're calling them the residential Carfax if you will and then we'll begin to market the properties."

Latham is hopeful revitalization will bring in business.

"That can generate some of the retail opportunities that we hope to see back in the area,"

The Community Development Director is asking City Council for $1.7 million for the project. Part of that money will be used to buy property in this area.

Council votes on their budget Tuesday.