Noah Thomas laid to rest, death investigation continues

Noah Thomas laid to rest, death investigation continues (Image 1)
Noah Thomas laid to rest, death investigation continues (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

PULASKI CO. (WSLS) The search for answers in the death of 5 year old Noah Thomas continues.

Noah was found dead in a septic tank last week.

Funeral services for the Pulaski County boy were held at the Dublin United Methodist Church on Wednesday. Mourners said Noah is being remembered as a sweet boy whose eyes would light up every time his sister Abigail was in the same room.

"I was hoping that things would turn out better than they did", said Brenda Neice, who attended funeral.

Community members said they want answers as to how something so bad could happen to such a good boy. Police are still sorting facts from fiction to determine exactly how Noah ended up in a septic tank. For days, Noah's case has been a heartbreaking mystery in the tight knit community.

"I shiver when I stop and think about it," said Mark DeBusk, New River Valley resident. "No five year old boy deserves that, no matter what happened to him, even if he just fell into something."

Noah's tragic death, has Debusk and other parents concerned about the dangers that exist for their children.

"Not knowing what happened, your mind runs wild" he said."What did happen? What do we do to protect ourselves?"

Mourners said Noah is in a better place now, they hope police will soon provide answers to his death and bring closure to the grieving community.

"We just want justice to be served and we know it won't change the outcome but it will at least ease the pain," said Niva DeBusk, New River Valley resident.

 Authorities said there have been no arrest in Noah's death investigation.