WSLS Shred-A-Thon welcomes repeat shredders, breaks records

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - They came two by two, lined up through the Tanglewood Mall parking lot to shred items by the truck and trunk fulls.

Pennye Epperly says she knows the routine. She came to the first WSLS 10 Shred-A-Thon event in Rocky Mount.

"The first time I had so much already boxed. Then I decided I needed to clean out more," Epperly explained.

Hundreds of cars streamed through to get rid of what's been weighing some down for decades.

Two shred trucks loaded with 15,000 pounds a piece, and a semi capable of holding more than 50,000 pounds weren't enough. Another truck was quickly brought in.

Kodiak Shredding's Toni Henry said it all shred under the same strict security.

"We'll shred it onsite or offsite. We have a huge machine in our warehouse that shreds it even more minutely than on site," Henry said.

In all, 112,000 pounds of personal documents were dropped off and destroyed at the events.