Ants, crickets and spiders — Oh my! How to get rid of pesky bugs this summer

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TODAY – It's time to take your home back from the bothersome bugs crawling inside this summer! Michael J. Raupp, often referred to as "The Bug Guy," stopped by NBC's TODAY with tips to get rid of summer's peskiest bugs.


Field and camel crickets are common during the summer months, and they creep inside your home throw cracks and crevices. If you spot crickets in a room, Raupp suggests setting up sticky traps in the corner of the room against the wall. Make sure to seal up any cracks with caulk and use door sweeps or weather stripping to seal doors and window areas.


Fisher and wolf spiders come inside your home during the summer as they are hunting our pests, such as crickets. Because these types of spiders are so effective in catching pests outside, you shouldn't kill them. Instead, take a plastic cup, a piece of paper and trap them, then set them free outside. Don't forget to seal up cracks and use door sweeps to keep them from coming back inside.


These teardrop-shaped insects love damp areas, so to catch them, set up a humidifier near the ground. Once they creep towards the humidifier, use a vacuum to sweep them up, then let them out outside.

House ants

While ants usually stay outside, they often use low-hanging branches or open cracks to crawl into your home to hunt down food in your kitchen. And once one ant comes in, it will leave a pheromone trail to lead its friends inside as well. To get rid of the ants, Raupp recommends using ant bait to kill the ants and household cleaners to get rid of the pheromone trail.