City leaders in Martinsville applying for no interest loan for sewer lines

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MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) - City leaders in Martinsville are looking to get a multi-million dollar loan from the state to pay for sewer repairs.

The city manager, Leon Towarnicki said they are asking for $21,000,000 interest free.

Towarnicki said the money will be used to replace a six mile sewer line near Smith River from Fieldale to the city's treatment plant.

Leaders said parts of the line are old and need to be replaced and if they can get the loan, it will in the long run save the city money.

"The fact that we're able to get a loan a zero percent interest on potentially a $30,000,000 project would save the city at a minimum of $8,000,000," Leon Towarnicki, the city manager said.

The total cost to fix the sewer line is about $30,000,000 and if approved for the loan the city would start on the project in the fall.