Man convicted of 5-month-old son's murder to spend life in prison

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PULASKI COUNTY (WSLS 10) – The man convicted of murder in the death of his five-month-old son was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

Howard Cole appeared very stoic and unemotional in court as he told the court he was guilty of murdering his son Cory back in January of 2014. There were investigators present and teams of lawyers, but a very small amount of people in the courtroom gallery.

Cole will spend life in prison for his crimes. According to the prosecution, Cole told investigators - after he was arrested - he got drunk and fell asleep with Cory, and when he woke up, Cory was not breathing. He said when he realized he was dead, Cole drank more alcohol while driving around looking for a place to dispose of Cory's body.

According to the autopsy report, baby Cory died from blunt force trauma to his head and neck, and suffocation. He had 26 bruises on his body. He was found buried with no clothes on, less than a foot underground, in single-digit temperatures.

This case has left a lasting impression on the community, and people took time Thursday to reflect on their fight for justice for little Cory.

"I've had workers tear up. I've had workers cry. I've had workers get angry. I think it's just every emotion that you could think of - you have (sic) because it is what you do every day, and it's a small community and we know one another," explained Lee Ann Martin with Pulaski Social Services.

Cory's mother, Samantha Warden, was sentenced to seven years behind bars in April for her role in Cory's death.

Howard Cole could have faced the death penalty had this case gone to trial.