Roanoke police identify 3 officers, man shot in officer-involved shooting


ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Roanoke City Police have released the identities of the three officers and man involved in a weekend shooting along Melrose Avenue N.W.

Officials say Officer J.L. Haley, who was hired in March 2008, Officer C.L. Mullins, who was hired in October 2013, and Officer J.L. Smith, who was hired in October 2013, have been placed on administrative leave, per department policy.

The individual who Roanoke City Police say pointed a gun at the officers has been identified as Reginald Alan Wilson, 18, of Roanoke.

As we've reported, at approximately 2:05 a.m. Sunday, three Roanoke police officers were involved in a shooting in the 2300 block of Melrose Avenue N.W.

According to Roanoke City Police, the location of interest, 2328 Melrose Avenue, was hosting a private party. Authorities said approximately half an hour before the shooting happened, officers broke up a disorderly crowd at the Shenandoah Restaurant. An officer who responded to the restaurant observed some of the same individuals involved arrive at the private party.

Officials said the officers observed a large crowd that had gathered in the parking lot as participants of the party began to exit the premises. Police said the crowd quickly swelled as a disorder erupted due to a fight between party goers that moved from the lot onto Melrose Avenue.

A spokesperson for the police department said Roanoke police officers, who were positioned nearby, made their way toward the crowd and called for back-up officers. As officers approached the unruly crowd, multiple shots were heard being fired in the area of Melrose Avenue. One of the officers observed an individual with his arm extended in the air near where the gunshots were heard. The officer believed the individual to have aimed and fired a weapon. The officer then observed the individual run north toward an alley. The officer followed this individual and heard commands being yelled by officers.

According to Roanoke City Police, as officers approached a dimly lit area at the rear of the building (2327 Melrose) they encountered an individual moving toward them with a handgun. One of the officers used a flashlight to illuminate the individual, who was later identified as 18-year-old Reginald Alan Wilson. The officers gave commands to Wilson to drop the handgun. Police say Wilson did not comply and raised the handgun in the direction of the officers. Two of the officers fired their service weapons.

Officials said Wilson was struck three times, twice in the left leg and once in the right leg. Officers immediately called for Roanoke Fire EMS to transport Wilson to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries. Wilson's handgun was recovered at the scene. Cartridge casings matching the caliber of Wilson's handgun were located in the parking lot of 2327 Melrose, where the shots were originally heard and where the officer observed Wilson with his arm extended and believed him to be firing a weapon.

The three officers involved are currently on administrative leave pending a thorough criminal and administrative investigation into this matter.

The Roanoke Police Department is in consultation with the Roanoke Commonwealth's Attorney's Office regarding this investigation.