Deputy recounts traffic stop with Chattanooga shooter

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WCYB – WASHINGTON COUNTY (WCYB) - We're learning more about the Chattanooga shooter, including details about a brief encounter with law enforcement in our area.

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's deputy Sgt. David Clayman pulled over and ticketed 24-year-old Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez on February 10.

"I thought of how things could have been different that day for the worse, maybe not just me, but it could have been for me, but it could also have been something different for the area itself," said Sgt. Clayman, who often pulls extra doing running radar to catch speeders.

He pulled over Abdulazeez for doing 80mph in a 70mph zone near Exit 29 in the northbound lane of Interstate 81.

"He seemed to be just calm, very polite, professional, nothing out of the ordinary as far as his demeanor from anyone else, from any other traffic stop," Sgt. Clayman said.

Federal law enforcement officers scoured Clayman's dash cam footage for clues.

"They were looking to see if there were any unusual events or to see if anyone was accompanying him or had any associates with him at that time, course he did not," said Sheriff Fred Newman.

Sgt. Clayman, who has been on the job for 13 years, said this is a reminder to never become complacent.

"It just makes you think that anything could happen at any point in time," he added.

Records show that Abdulazeez paid his $60 ticket, along with $66 in court costs, before he was scheduled to appear in court in March.

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