Franklin Co. residents concerned over illegal dumping of animals at trash sites

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Residents of Franklin County are concerned about a perceived increase in the illegal dumping of cats and dogs at trash sites.

Most recently, a resident Christopher Hodges found a puppy next to a dumpster in Glade Hill. He brought the puppy to the Franklin a County Humane Society, which is now being taken care of at a foster to adopt home.

Hodges said finding the dog laying motionless next to the dumpster was horrifying. He said he put the dog in his truck and tried to give it water and food, but it wouldn't budge.

Meanwhile, Animal Control said it sees a lot of cases of animals abandoned at the dumping sites, which can be upward of 25 calls a month from sites throughout the county.

An animal control officer said dump sites can be dangerous for the animals and humans, as the number of strays grows. "It's very concerning when you can bring your animal straight to the shelter and avoid putting other lives at risk," says Donnie Gibson, animal control officer. "When you leave animals here and nobody knows the vaccination status of the animals and the animals can get on the main road and cause an accident."

There are signs posted next to the dumpsters, warning abandoning animals is illegal, but the problem persists.