Back to school check ups, what your pediatrician should look for

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ROANOKE (CNN) - Back-to-school is often a time when parents think about getting their kids to the doctor for their annual wellness exam. A pediatrician can address issues in children- not just physical, but social and emotional ones too.

Grace Krugler prepared to enter kindergarten, but not before a visit to the doctor. Grace is having her hearing tested, along with her vision.

Those can affect the way a child performs in school. If you just send them into the classroom without that eye screen, they can have problems seeing the board, they can have problems reading their work and really have problems with their grades in school also.

Dr. Jennifer Shu says a 5-year-old well check includes assessing the child's physical condition, but also things like:

Are they mature enough to listen to directions? Can they sit in the seat?

Grace's older brother Jack, is also in for his annual exam. Jack plays baseball. and though many children who play sports get a physical through school, Shu says having a medical 'home' is important.

"The pediatrician will have your records- what was your height, what was your weight, what was your blood pressure, and they're gonna be able to pick up on any red flags," said Shu.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends every child get a physical exam every year. Shu says this visit allows doctors to address issues such as nutrition, physical activity and sleep, along with social and emotional issues.