Blacksburg police warning public of internet, phone scams

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - The Blacksburg Police Department says phone and internet scams are on the rise in the New River Valley.

Many people have been receiving calls from scammers who have ghosted the number of a police department or other government agency. During the call, the number will appear to be that of a police department.

The scammers will say that the person owes parking ticket fines, court costs or even needs to post bail for a relative.

Also, with the influx of students returning to Blacksburg for the start of a new college semester, police are seeing a number of students fall for false adds on Craigslist regarding apartment listings.

Scammers will take pictures of a house or apartment that is not actually for rent, post it online and collect security deposits and rent from tenants without ever offering to meet face to face.

Police say elderly residents and also the international community are particularly targeted in many of these scams.

If you receive a suspicious call, contact police and have them walk you through it. Police say never give away personal information over the phone.