Greenway leaders discussing new options to keep users safe

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - User safety on the Roanoke River Greenway has come into the spotlight recently after a Roanoke runner was ordered to pay $300,000 to a bicyclist for causing a collision.

Liz Belcher, Roanoke Valley Greenway Coordinator, says new initiatives to promote safety are being considered. Creating an ambassador group to spread awareness of rules and painting more center lines in congested areas are being discussed.

In the past, leaders have tried many safety campaigns or initiatives such as posting funny signs with reminders of Greenway rules and giving free bells to bicyclists. While those initiatives did have some impact, there are still users that don't follow the rules.

Belcher says issues exist both with pedestrians and bicyclists.

More runners and walkers are now using technology during workouts which can be both distracting and can limit ability to hear warning calls or bells.

Some bicyclists are now racing along the Greenway, trying to set time records to post online.

The hope is that with the recent attention, more users will learn and follow the rules.

Use a safe speed, stay to the right, and pass on the left after giving a warning are the common courtesies of the Greenway.