Teen killed in Lynchburg shooting identified by family members

A vigil was held Monday in the Lynchburg community for a teen killed by gunfire.
A vigil was held Monday in the Lynchburg community for a teen killed by gunfire. (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The teen killed in a shooting in Lynchburg has been identified by family members.

Family of Jessie Paige said he was killed in the shooting. Lynchburg police are investigating the shooting that killed Paige and hurt two others over the weekend.

Officers said the shooting happened late Saturday night. When police arrived on the scene along 13th Street, they discovered three victims.

Paige and another victim were minors. The third was 21-years-old. The three were transported to the hospital, but 16-year-old Paige died.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old victim was released from the hospital, and 21-year-old Dakota Scott is listed in stable condition.

People who live in the area say they are frustrated by the violence.

"Why, that's what I want to know. It doesn't make any sense. They need to stop doing it, get it together," Ternell Jackson said.

"I'm praying that we all can come together,  to have peace within our city and give kids the opportunity to get beyond the streets of Lynchburg," BB Shavers, a community activist, said.

Shavers said this incident is not a setback, but an opportunity for residents to learn there is an urgent need for better relationships within the community.

"Educate everybody so that we can provide resources and give our kids the opportunity to do something positive, so they won't be out here at night time," Shavers said.