Lynchburg police investigate shots fired, say may be related to Jessie Paige, other shootings

A vigil was held Monday in the Lynchburg community for a teen killed by gunfire. (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Lynchburg police are investigating shots fired near Floyd Street and Park Avenue.

They said Tuesday, the incident may be related to a series of other shootings including the murder of 16 year old Jessie Paige.

Police said they do not believe anyone was hit in Tuesday's shooting. People who live in the area said they don't feel safe.

"My granddaughter plays in the yard that's what gets us nervous," Sonya Asomaning, Lynchburg resident.

Some people said they are afraid to talk with police because they fear retailiation from the shooters. While others said witnesses need to talk before another young life is lost.

"It could've been anybodys child" she said. "So everybody needs to speak up about what's going on."

Police continue to search for clues and suspects connected to the series of shootings.

While officers said the area is safe, residents said they are keeping a close eye on the community and their families.

"There are kids in this neighborhood. People need to speak out about what's going on"