Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office warn residents of jury scam

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a jury scam in the area.

Deputies said they've received calls on Monday, Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept. 1 from several individuals in the Laurel Drive neighborhood including Bay Tree Pl. and Strider Rd. who have received calls from a "Deputy Mark Bowen" claiming to be from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The individual stated that the victims had "warrants" on file for not appearing for jury duty. The individual then told them they needed to pay $2,000 via PayPal to avoid being arrested.

On one occasion he referred the victim to a Sgt. Gregory Thomas. The number the suspects called from was 540-285-0198.

The Sheriff's Office says this is a false number and the people claiming who they are, are not real. They said the number was probably generated through google voice.

When the victim returns the call to the number listed it does come back to a Sgt. Gregory Thomas. Please contact our Investigation's Division with any information regarding this.