Franklin County Sheriff reflects one week after losing Alison Parker and Adam Ward

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says it expects to complete its investigation into the deaths of Adam Ward and Alison Parker in the next few weeks.

The two were shot and killed on-air while covering a story on Smith Mountain Lake's 50th anniversary.

Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton was at home with his wife Wednesday morning when he saw the unthinkable on live television.

"One of the first things I picked up what appeared to be shell casings in the video shot," says Sheriff Overton. "I know at that moment this is bad."

Parker and Ward were at Bridgewater Plaza when they were shot and killed. Overton said he left his house as fast as he could that morning while listening to radio traffic and officers who already responded to the scene.

He says it's all surreal and his mind flashes back over and over to his last conversation with Parker and Ward.

"They were just so full of life and so easy to talk to," says Overton. "We discussed everything from their schools JMU to Tech."

While they're focused on the next steps of the investigation his men and women are also going through counseling sessions to grieve.

"I think for a period of time we were running on sheer emotion and adrenaline until several days after that when things subsided a little bit," says Overton.