POW Jessica Lynch spoke at D-Day Memorial

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BEDFORD (WSLS 10) - Prisoner of War Jessica Lynch spoke at the POW/MIA event "Never Forget" at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford Sunday.

Lynch, a former U.S. Army soldier, served in March 2003 as a unit specialist. She was the guest speaker at Saturday's event.

"I think Jessica Lynch is a hero," Jeanne Dooley, an attendee said.

Lynch talked about her experience travelling in the desert of Iraq during the Battle of Nasiriyah, when her convoy was ambushed.

"The second gun shot rang out and then the third and before we knew it we were being attacked from every angle literally like we were ducks in a middle of a pond," Lynch said.

Lynch was seriously injured and captured, but was rescued by U.S. soldiers in April of 2003.

"One solider walked up to me, pulled the american flag off his uniform handed it to me in hands and said we're american soldiers we're here to take you home," Lynch said.

Lynch said her message was to always persevere, despite challenges.

"I need to keep going, that is what has helped me to continue to go on and strive is perseverance and I learned that motto from day one," Lynch said.