Man arrested in Bedford Co. for allegedly luring minor female over phone

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BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A man was arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after law enforcement said he lured a 15-year-old female to have a sexual liaison and alcoholic beverages.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office said 20-year-old Quandre Lewis was arrested Sunday and booked into the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Bedford on $5,000.00 secured bond. He bonded out Monday.

Sheriff Michael Brown said his office got a call from the female's father about an adult sending text messages to his daughter about drugs and sexual acts.

Deputies identified the adult as Lewis and arrested him within five hours of the father's call.

Sheriff Brown released information to the media to help inform parents on potential threats to their children:

  • Never give any information out about yourself (or anyone else) over the Internet.
  • Never download any files on to your computer without a parent or adult's consent.
  • If anyone online says anything inappropriate to you, harasses you, or sends you unwanted e-mail, tell an adult immediately, and report it to the proper authorities.
  • Remember that on the Internet, people can pretend to be who they are not, and they may go to great lengths to sound convincing.
  • If you use chat rooms, use a different chat name (if possible) than your user name or e-mail address.
  • Remember, Internet friendships, relationships, and conversations can never be as true, personal, and rewarding as they are in person. If you really need to talk to someone, find a friend, family member, or adult you trust.
  • Be wary of ANYONE who wants to know personal information about you.
  • Remember that sometimes, when you are on the Internet, you may accidentally meet bad people or see things that are bad, but it's not your fault! If something you read or look at is upsetting, stop looking at it, and go tell an adult you trust or parent.
  • Never buy anything over the Internet without your parent or guardian's approval.• Don't include any part of your name, date of birth, location, or anything sexually suggestive in your 'chat' name.
  • Don't go in to private chat rooms.
  • When choosing an online chatroom, be cautious of the chatroom name. Stick to chat rooms created by the online service, rather than 'member created' rooms.
  • Don't say anything in a chatroom that you wouldn't say in public, in front of your parents or friends.
  • If you start to chat regularly with someone, let an adult or parent know.
  • Remember, you are in control. If a conversation starts to get strange or make you feel uncomfortable, then leave. Leave the chatroom, and log off. If it is someone saying sexual things to you, tell an adult.
  • Never meet anyone face to face that you met on the Internet unless you tell a parent or adult first, and they go with you.
  • Don't think of people you've met on the Internet as 'real life' friends. They're just not!
  • Don't click on links or go to sites that you're not familiar with.
  • Never post a picture of yourself online and never e-mail pictures of yourself to people you don't know.
  • Never give out your password and make sure it's something only you know.
  • Don't respond to 'flames'- people trying to start an argument, or insults, bad language, etc.