Cause of Bedford Co. fire that destroyed home while owner attended husband's funeral 'undetermined'

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STEWARTSVILLE (WSLS 10) - The cause of the fire that destroyed a home on Tracker's Lane in Stewartsville Sunday was ruled undetermined, said Bedford County Fire Marshal Jeff Pauley.

Investigators said there are four classifications in which causes can be listed: accidental, incendiary, natural (ex. lightning) or undetermined.

When there are multiple possibilities, fire marshal's have to rule a fire undetermined, Pauley explained.

Firefighters were called to the Tracker Lane home Sunday at 7:22 p.m.. The home was destroyed.

Pauley said the fire started in a screened-in porch area on the side of the home. It happened in the vicinity of an old freezer plugged into an outlet. There were also leaves and other items under the porch. The multiple possibilities led to the ruling of undetermined, he said.

A cat and dog died in the fire. No one else was in the home when it happened.

Homeowner Linda Anderson was at the funeral home receiving friends following the death of her husband three days earlier when she learned of the fire.

Several out of town family members, in the area for the funeral, were staying with her.

She and Lewis "Doug" Anderson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June.