Amherst Co. School Board approves plan for cell tower near elementary school

Example of cell phone tower disguised
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AMHERST COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Amherst County School Board Members approved a proposal Thursday to put a cell tower near Elon Elementary School.

The company behind the proposed tower, Milestone Communications, spoke with board members and went over the risks posed to students and how it would look in the community.

Amherst would get $25,000 at the time of construction and $12,000 every year from each carrier.

Officials said the new 120' tower would supplement other cell towers, provide better coverage for Verizon, and increase data speed.

The cell tower had raised concerns from residents about the safety of children, as well as the tower's visual impact on the community.

Superintendent Dr. Steven Nichols said construction on the tower is "still months away."

Currently, two elementary schools in Fairfax County have cell towers.