Pulaski police warn public of ATM card skimmers

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PULASKI (WSLS 10) - The Pulaski Police Department would like to warn the public of ATM card skimmers.

A card skimmer is a small device that fits over existing card readers and records the card information from the magnetic strip on the card.

Officers say these skimmers can be planted on any card reader to include ATM machines, gas pumps, etc.

Pulaski police say this has occurred somewhat locally on an ATM machine. Typically, the criminals will place a hidden camera near the card reader to view the personal identification number (PIN), or use a fake PIN pad over the keyboard.

To avoid becoming a victim of the card skimmer, look for signs of tampering. This can include any loose or protruding parts, mismatched graphics, material, or colors, misaligned arrows to the card reader, and PIN pads that feel thick or bulky.

If you happen to become a victim, immediately call your card issuer and advise them of the situation so they can cancel the card. Additionally, if you notice any of these signs or become a victim, contact Pulaski Police Department at (540) 994-8680.