French and political science educators weigh in on Paris attacks

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Virginia Tech students and faculty near France are safe after the deadly attacks in Paris.

All 110 of them have been contacted and advised by the university to be extra cautious.

Meanwhile in Blacksburg, many faculty in the French department at Virginia Tech are heartbroken at the loss. A handful of them spent years living in France, and even still own property there. They said although what happened is sad, it is not surprising.

University leaders say they will monitor the situation closely. Currently, no travel restrictions or warnings have gone out from the state department.

And with over a dozen governors now blocking or threatening to block Syrian refugees, political scientists are weighing in on the potential impacts stateside.

Hollins Political Science Chair, Dr. Ed Lynch, said states have the ability to control what happens in their states and may compel Washington to come up with a better plan to ensure refugees in the U.S. do not pose a threat.

Dr. Lynch said whether the U.S. officially declares war on ISIS, ISIS is at war with the United States, as well as with the rest of the world. He continued, saying it is yet to be seen which countries, if any, lead the way in an official war on ISIS.