Paris Attacks: 150 raids as France goes to 'War with Terrorism'

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(WSLS 10) - Just days after a set of deadly attacked in Paris, France is striking back.

ISIS has claimed it was behind the massacres that killed at least 129 people. Sunday night, France launched airstrikes against the ISIS stronghold in Syria.

French police have also released the name and photo of a man wanted in connection with the Paris attacks. They label the 26-year-old from Belgium as dangerous.

Police say they're looking for a bomb-maker who made suicide vests filled with nails.

Hundreds were injured, several of them critically. Many Parisians are still in mourning.

"It's hell, it's not even a war, it's hell, it's a nightmare and people were hidden under dead bodies," said Patrick Klugman, Paris deputy major.

At a summit in Turkey, the world's most powerful leaders observed a moment of silence for the Paris massacre victims.

President Obama condemned the attacks and the leaders promised a strong response against ISIS.