Pulaski Co. Department of Social Services working to help with Volvo layoffs

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PULASKI COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Pulaski County is bracing for what could be a huge economic hit after Volvo announced it would layoff about 700 employees.

Back in December, the company made the announcement and workers would be laid off between February 5 through the 19.

The Department of Social Services is pushing to make sure the workers can transition to other jobs easily.

They are working with Rapid Response, which is an organization dedicated to find other people work in the New River Valley and will meet with leaders at Volvo and other organizations so that people have links to employment sites to find another job.

Devon Chrisley works at Tom's Drive In, a popular restaurant in the town of Pulaski.

He feels the loss of workers would have impact on all businesses in the area.

"Not just our business but all around, like I said Volvo employs a lot of people, I'm really hoping a staffing agency will pick up the people have been cut," Chrisley said.

Workers at Pulaski County Department of Social Services say Pulaski County will be most impacted by the layoffs.


Out of the 734 employees, about 65 come from Carroll County, just about 90 from Giles, 45 from Radford, about 110 from Wythe, and nearly 200 those laid off workers call Pulaski County home.

Guy Smith with Department of Social Services said his staff are working vigorously to make sure people have options like vocational services, which is training to build a better resume.

"Resume training assisting with electronic application different type of job coaching, we offer several of those different services," Smith said.

He said workers from DSS also have a computer mobile computer lab for people to apply for jobs.

Smith added workers are collaborating with employers in the area who may need workers with the same skills they learned at Volvo, but Smith said DSS is hosting many job fairs.

"We are more prepared than we have been in past, we always have a number of resources at our disposal but at this point and time we are more structured and focused on things we can do," Smith said.

Workers with DSS will meet with those who lost their jobs and Volvo representatives at the New River Community College to discuss options to get back into the workforce.