Petition calls for removal of Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk

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CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) - Dozens are calling for the removal of the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk.

This after Clerk Erica Williams did not reappoint a number of employees after she was re-elected.

Now, a formal petition is circulating calling for her removal from office.

There were several heated comments made to the Board of Supervisors Monday night about the newly appointed clerk.

At the meeting, a man named James Willis announced he has organized a petition to have Williams removed from office.

Many of the Clerk's Office former employees were in the audience, and said they're happy to see so much support.

"That's the view of the public, the citizens, and that's their constitutional right to speak and I'm proud of them to take a stand. I love anybody that takes a stand for what's right and what they deem to be right, so I say God bless them all," former Deputy Clerk Clarence Worrell said.

Willis said the goal is to get enough signatures to equal a tenth of the registered voters in the county who came out for the last election.

"There were between 18 and 19,000 people that voted in that election, so we're going to need around 1,900 signatures. I think we'll probably wind up with many more than that which will be a good thing," said Willis.

Willis said if they reach that one tenth goal, they can take the petition before a judge.

Then, Williams will have to offer a defense, and the judge makes a final decision whether or not to remove her from office.

Willis said this has only been tried once before in the State of Virginia, and has never been successful.