Pittsylvania Co. warns of ongoing phone scams

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PITTSYLVANIA CO. (WSLS10) - The Pittsylvania Co. Sheriff's Office is warning residents of multiple phone scams circulating the area. The first involved the IRS. According to the Sheriff's Office, someone claimed to be a police officer or the IRS, and said the person had unpaid tax balance. The scammer demanded immediate payment and warned of an arrest if left unpaid.

In the second scam, the fraudulent caller identified himself as a representative of a local court and claimed the person had missed jury service and must make it up. Deputies said local official's names were used in the calls. The caller asked for personal information, such as an address and social security number. The caller threatened arrest if information was not given.

Investigators said they're working to find out who's responsible for the phone scams.

The Pittsylvania Co. Sheriff's Office said if you receive similar calls, contact local law enforcement.

The complete release by the Pittsylvania Co. Sheriff's Office:

Over the weekend and throughout today (1/12/15) our office has received multiple calls from citizens saying they had been called about underpaid taxes

by the Internal Revenue Service and the second involves receiving telephone calls saying a Court date had been missed.

The first is involving the IRS telephone call and how it works. Someone claiming to be a police

officer or the IRS calls your telephone saying you have an unpaid tax balance. If you do not submit payment RIGHT NOW the local law enforcement will be arriving to arrest you for these overdue taxes. However, if you agree to pay today all this can be avoided by you sending money.

The IRS wrote on February 18, 2015 (IR-2015-31), "The IRS generally does not initiate contact

with taxpayers by telephone or by email to request personal or financial information. If the IRS

wants to get your attention, they will send you a letter. And if the IRS really wants to get your

attention, they will send you a certified letter. The IRS does not send out unsolicited e-mails or

ask for detailed personal and financial information. Additionally, the IRS never asks people for

the PIN numbers, passwords or similar secret access information for their credit card, bank or

other financial accounts." (Source: IR-2) The criminal caller may ask for your credit card number,

bank account number, personal identification number, passwords, or other sensitive information.

The caller will ask you to send a certified or cashier's check to a location to satisfy the amount of

taxes due. Please remember, you do not have to talk to or answer any questions! DO NOT SEND


The second fraudulent caller received today by many in our community, identifies himself as a representative of our local courts or police officer and explains to the person called that he or she has missed a court date for jury service and must make it up. Local official's names were used to add to the caller's believability hoping to make the call sound genuine.

The caller then asks for personal information, such as address, Social Security number and other specific information. If the information is not provided, the story may change to the caller being a representative of the Sheriff's Office or local police department, and he may threaten arrest for missing the jury date.

The "Jury Management Office" will only contact residents who contact the office requesting a new date for jury duty and leave a phone number for a return call. In the

2 conversation the criminal will take the scheme a step further by the criminal providing another date to appear for jury duty, but require payment on his fake fine. You will be told that the court does not take cash and must purchase a money order at a convenience store and then meet the phony court officer at the courthouse or send it to another street address.

The truth of the matter is that if a resident improperly fails to appear for jury duty, the Court will have delivered a second summons labeled "Second Summons". There will never be a fine imposed over the telephone.

Please don't be fooled by these criminals. Law enforcement advises anyone who should get a telephone call similar to these fraudulent calls, hang up and contact your law enforcement office.

In the calls received today, Investigators are attempting to locate the criminals making these calls. No arrest have yet been made.