2016 Roanoke Restuarant Week kicks off

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ROANOKE (WSLS10) The 4th Annual Roanoke Restaurant week is in full swing.

It's a chance for many who many not come to downtown Roanoke, get a chance to try something new giving new restaurants a chance to thrive in the Star City.

Chef of WallStreet Tavern,  a new restaurant in the Market Building in downtown Roanoke, Cara Lowe has been busy making orders.

This year is Lowe's first week participating in Roanoke Restaurant Week.

"To be involved in Roanoke Restaurant week is pretty exciting to get ourselves out there as a new restaurant,"  Lowe said.

Ryan Cantrell is the manager and bartender at Awful Arthur's Seafood.

He said this is the 4th year  participating and estimates on average the restaurant gets about a 25% increase in foot traffic during the week.

"It definitely picks up around dinner time it's real nice, again for the restaurants that do participate I know they definitely see an increase in business when putting their dishes out," Cantrell said.

Representatives at Downtown Roanoke Inc. and they said more restaurants are participating  about 30 this year.

They said purpose is to bring in more foot traffic to spend money downtown --- especially January when there's less people after the holiday sales.

"Our goal at Downtown Roanoke is to make downtown a preferred place to work to live and to play, so anything that we can do that further benefits that, our businesses our restaurants down here we'd love to do and we're all about that," Jamie Clark, with Downtown Roanoke Inc said.

For a list of restaurants participating in Roanoke Restaurant Week: http://www.downtownroanoke.org/events/signature-events/restaurant-week-2016