Virginia Tech intervenes in Michigan water crisis

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Controversy builds as more information comes to light in the Michigan water crisis.

Many accused government officials of knowing the water serving people in Flint was toxic. Customers reported water concerns locally, then reached out to Virginia Tech researchers for independent testing.

The Blacksburg staff found high levels of lead in the samples.

Virginia Tech professor Amy Pruden said, "The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality did not do their job. They did not put the corrosion control plan into place, and then worse, when they realized there was a problem, instead of informing people so they could protect themselves, they were more interested in protecting their own selves."

The researchers created a website for the Flint water study to provide residents with more information on water safety.

Tuesday night, the Michigan governor is expected to address the water issue and lay out his plan to fix the on-going water crisis.