Dozens taken in for drug round up in Alleghany County

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ALLEGHANY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Dozens of wanted people in Alleghany County were taken to jail Thursday.

Lieutenant Casey Gibson is in charge of a team as part of the drug round-up in Alleghany County.

"We all get together before we go to different places and look at the packet, talk about if they have weapons, charges, or narcotics charges or if they're violent offenders so we're prepared to take action," said Gibson.

There were 55 officers involved in Operation Deep Freeze. They were sent out in teams to arrest 67 people indicted on 188 charges.

Dr. Michael Moran helps out the teams as a physician and is another set of eyes out on the scene.

"When I'm looking at the house I'm looking at the entry team and make sure they're organized and I'm looking at the left side of the house cause there's someone there," said Moran.

The round-ups happen a few times a year. Alleghany County Sheriff Kevin Hall says they're trying to catch people off guard.

"The element of surprise, get them, and it could possibly lead to another case and not let them know that it's coming out so they can't leave the area or the state," said Hall.

The charges people face range from possession to manufacturing drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamines.

Agencies part of the round-up include US Marshals service, Virginia State Police, and Bath County Sheriff's office.