Georgia Teen suffers heart attack during volleyball game

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CNN – Walton County, Ga. (CNN) - The parents of a Georgia teen are proclaiming the importance of learning how to use defibrillators after the device saved their daughter's life.

The teen was playing in a volleyball game when she had a heart attack.

As soon as 17 year old Claire Crawford falls back, staff and coaches rush to her side.

You can see the academic dean at Loganville Christian Academy sprint to the defibrillator.

She quickly opening it up and got the pads on her, then you see Claire's body jolt.

"I woke, she was in my face.  Everybody was yelling.  It felt like they were yelling, but apparently they weren't," said survivor Claire Crawford.

Crawford had a heart attack and she and her parents have no idea why.

"I have no medical history. My wife doesn't have medical history in families that would cause this. You just don't know," said Claire's dad Eric Crawford.

Claire had gone to multiple doctors prior to this game.  She even had shoulder surgery at one point and it's still unclear why she went into cardiac arrest.

What's clear now is the importance of this AED and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is promoting Project S.A.V.E. drill, trying to prepare everyone should a student or teach go into sudden cardiac arrest.

Doctors found several unexplained blockages during an examination of Claire.  She underwent a triple bypass surgery.