Nicole Lovell's father discusses daughter's social media activity with Dr. Phil

Courtesy:  PeteskiProductions/CBS Television Distribution
Courtesy: PeteskiProductions/CBS Television Distribution (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

LOS ANGELES (WSLS 10) -- Nicole Lovell's father, David Lovell shares more information with talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw in an episode that will appear on WSLS 10 Wednesday.

In a new video clip provided by PeteskiProductions/CBS Television Distribution Tuesday, Lovell describes his 13-year-old daughter's activity on various social media sites. He tells Dr. Phil about what he saw and what he says caused him concern.

"Talking to older guys which you can tell these older guys had fake profiles," said Lovell. "Well, over Christmas I looked at it and I saw it that way. My daughter in Ohio had dug around in Nicole's Instagram accounts and Kik and so on and she sent me a screenshot of a few of those and let me know, hey dad you know my little sister's screwing up here. Y'all need to do something."

You can see the full episode Wednesday at 4:00 pm on WSLS 10.

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