Automated External Defibrilators save lives when seconds matter

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Roanoke (WSLS 10) - When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every second counts.

According to the American Heart Association, this happens to more than 350,000 people outside of a hospital every year.

Automated External Defibrilators more than double a victim's chance of survival.

You can find these in work places, shopping malls and on airplaces.

Though they make look intimidating, using one is easy.

"Usually they're attached to a wall.  All you have to do is take those down.  It completely goes step by step for on how to put the pads on the patient and all you have to do is listen to it," says Cathy Cockrell of the Western Virginia EMS Council.

Most devices will prompt you to stay calm and call for help.

If you aren't getting a response from the patient, a diagram on the machine shows you how to apply the pads.

If the AED determines that a shock is needed, it will tell you to stand clear so that you do not get shocked as well.

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