Nicole Lovell's father appears on Dr. Phil

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) -- David Lovell talked a lot about his daughter's use of social media, about being bullied, and about the last time he saw his daughter alive as he addressed a nationwide audience on the Dr. Phil show Wednesday.

David Lovell told Dr. Phil the last time he saw his daughter Nicole was December 19th. She disappeared nearly six weeks later on January 27. Nicole's mother, Tammy called him as soon as she was missing, he said. Lovell told the talk show host he puts a lot of blame on himself.

"I have so many regrets," Lovell said.  "I wasn't there for her when she needed me. There's no way to roll back the time."

During his appearance, Lovell speculated on any possible motives suspects David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers could have had and he mentioned one graphic detail related to his daughter's killing. During Keepers' bond hearing, prosecutors released that Keepers and Eisenhauer plotted to take 13-year-old Nicole to a remote location and "cut her throat" when they bounced ideas of each other in early January.

"I know her throat was not cut," Lovell said. "But I do know she was stabbed to death."

He also described how his daughter was bullied, made fun of for her tracheotomy scar, he said and the impact it had on the 13-year-old.

"She would talk to me about being bullied. What did they bully her about. Her scar. Her tracheotomy scars. And because of the medication she was a little heavier. A girl with self-esteem issues, somebody told her some good things about her, of course it would be easy to seduce a bullied little girl."

Lovell explained he is constantly mourning but said, "I have to stay strong for my other kids, my family." He said now, he's on a mission.

"That's my mission. To heck with the dad who lost his daughter. That's not what, I want to get out the word for the next little girl that might get into the situation or the next day that might lose his daughter."

Lovell talked about the search for Nicole and the moment he learned she was gone.

Dr. Phil asked, "How did you find out that she died?"

"I found out, I found out on TV," Lovell said.

He went on to describe how police, he said, made a mistake not telling him first.

"It was simply a screw up. They simply forgot to let me know it was coming out at the news conference. They did they explain, they apologized. They said they never let anything like that happen again," he said.

However, the news conference Lovell referenced, took place at 9:30 p.m., that Saturday evening after Nicole's body was found in Surry, NC.

Lovell, however, posted on his own Facebook page at 5:40 p.m., nearly four hours before police released that Nicole had been found dead that was "devestad (sic) to learn that my daughter has been found dead! I'm so in shock I know nothing more to say, I'm broken!" he posted.

That message was relayed to friends, community members and the media gathered at a candle light vigil outside Nicole's home at 6:00.

Lovell talked with Dr. Phil about sitting through Natalie Keepers' bond hearing.

"If I could've killed her with my eyes I would have," he said.

He described his reaction to her attorneys citing their client's gluten allergy in an attempt to free her on bond.

"I was appalled at the gall of these people to even ask."

Lovell also spoke of his regrets.

"I have so many regrets. I wasn't there for her when she needed me. There's no way to roll back the time.

"I put a lot of blame on myself yes," Lovell said. "Yes. If I would have been there maybe she wouldn't have went looking for acceptance from older guys."

The talk show host offered advice to parents.

"It's not spying on your children. It's not being intrusive to plug-in and know what's going on. These days you have to know where your children are all the time. If they're back in their bedroom, you think they're doing their homework and in fact they're online talking to people that they may not know. You're not the only voice in your child's ear so you need to make sure you are the best voice in your child's ear," said Dr. Phil.

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