Kevin Quick Murder Case Day 8: Court Hears Testimony on Quick's SUV

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WVIR – ROANOKE, Va (WVIR) - A jury in Roanoke is hearing more about an SUV stolen from murdered Waynesboro Police Reserve Captain Kevin Wayne Quick.

The eighth day of the federal case against six alleged gang members focused on testimony from a man who claims he drove around with some of the defendants. Jurors also heard what investigators discovered inside Quick's Toyota 4-Runner.

Four suspects - Daniel Mathis, Shantai Shelton, Mersadies Shelton and Kweli Uhuru (aka Travis Bell) - are charged with kidnapping, murder, racketeering and robbery in connection to the officer's death.

Two other suspects - Anthony Stokes and Halisi Uhuru - are not charged in Quick's murder, but are accused of being the gang's ring leaders in a racketeering conspiracy.

All six defendants are allegedly members of the 99 Goon Syndikate, which may have ties to the Bloods.

Wednesday, Anthony Davis told the court he had no idea he was getting into Quick's SUV when he got a ride from a party on Super Bowl Sunday 2014.

Davis is facing a firearm-related charge, as well as robbery and two malicious wounding charges in Louisa County. His case is pending, and he has not yet entered a plea.

The witness says he was friends with three of the defendants - Mathis and his sisters, Shantai and Mersadies Shelton. He says he saw all three of them arrive at a party on in Quick's 4-Runner.

Davis testified that he saw Mathis scrubbing the inside of the vehicle with gloves and bleach. Mathis, he says, told him that the SUV belonged to a cop who had owed him.

The witness says they drove the gray 4-Runner to another home, where a fight broke out, prompting a shooting.

Davis says the 4-Runner died while they were driving it on Cedar Hill Road in Louisa County. He says they ditched the SUV under a canopy, and that Mathis hid some items from the vehicle nearby.

Investigators discovered that 4-Runner shortly after that, and identified it as Quick's vehicle.

A forensic scientist from the state crime lab in Richmond said in court that she matched the suspects fingerprints to those found on items inside the SUV: including bags of chips, Quick's driver's license, and the vehicle itself.

The court also heard testimony Wednesday from an FBI and Virginia State Police investigator, Special Agent Dino Cappuzzo. He says he found an ATM receipt from Quick's bank account inside Mersadies Shelton's Albemarle County apartment.

Investigators were looking for gang-related materials when they executed a search warrant on Shelton's Barracks West apartment. Cappuzzo said bracelets and necklaces with the initials "DNGS", which investigators say stands for "Double Nine Goon Syndikate," were found inside.

Cappuzzo also testified that they also found two black masks with eye holes inside that apartment, which matched the description of the mask the driver of Quick's SUV was wearing when that vehicle stopped to attempt an ATM withdrawal from the officer's bank account at the University of Virginia Community Credit Union in Charlottesville.