Lynchburg community remembers car crash victim

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The Lynchburg community is celebrating the life of 19-year-old Ivy Adkins.

She died over the weekend after fighting a brain injury for four and a half months in Lynchburg General Hospital.

Adkins sustained that head injury in a car crash in Bedford County last October.

Since then, people in the community and even across the globe have been reaching out to help the family through it.

"It's been a long road, that's for sure, and we've had people there every step of the way, but I think it's because Ivy was such a great person. She had an infectious smile, a contagious laugh. I can still hear it in my head," said Ivy's uncle Travis Adkins.

Adkins says many of the people at Ivy's memorial Wednesday were there for her shortly after her injury.

"Right after the accident, it was probably hundreds of people at the hospital in the next hour or two," said Adkins.

Her family and friends quickly began a Facebook page to keep people updated on Ivy's condition.

"When we started that page, in a matter of hours it jumped from basically 2 fans up to 3 thousand fans, and now we're currently up to 8 thousand people who are following Ivy's story," said family friend Kim Jennings.

"The days that followed, it was just crazy. There was so much love that the community poured out on this family, friends, people that never even met Ivy you know, were just there for her," said Adkins.

Many of those people donated money to help support Ivy's medical bills.

Now, the family says it wants to use those funds to create a legacy in her memory.

"Our thought is we're going to form a foundation for Ivy and offer scholarships to students who have been in car accidents, who have had a traumatic brain injury, and who have made a full recovery and are going to college," said Jennings.

Ivy's family says it tried to make the service upbeat, calling it a "celebration" because that's how she would have wanted it.

"We know she is in a much better place and she's completely healed and she is free," said Jennings.

Ivy's family says it decided on the idea of a scholarship just this past weekend, so many of the details still need to be ironed out.

There was also a 14 year old girl in the crash with Ivy.

She has recovered and is now going through physical therapy.