Attorney General Mark Herring stops in Lynchburg to discuss community policing

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS10) - Attorney General Mark Herring stopped in Lynchburg Wednesday to talk about the importance of community policing.

Herring's visit is part of his third annual statewide public safety tour.

Herring sat in on Lynchburg's Chief of Police Raul Diaz's presentation at the Lynchburg Public Library.

"Having the trust in the community is huge, it's something that requires proactive communication it requires relationship building," Herring said.

Diaz agrees. He said it is important to have that community policing in place because without the community getting involved, Lynchburg won't be a safe place for children.

"For us to be to be good police officers we have to do something," Diaz said. "We have to keep the community safe, what we do is make it a place where people want to live work and play.".