Liberty University students remember Dylan Engel

LYNCHBURG (WSLS10) Students on Liberty University's campus mourn the loss of Dylan Engel.

Engel died Wednesday after falling 75 feet off the trail at Apple Orchards Falls in Botetourt County.

His friends say his personality lit up the room, and that he was involved with several organizations at Liberty like Operation Christmas Child.

It's a organization where volunteers make shoe boxes filled with gifts for children in third world countries.

People are sad to learn Engel passed away so young.

"He was one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I do not regret my relationship with him, I do not regret meeting him - I just regret I had such a short time with him," Hayden Robertson said.

Others said Engel was just all around a good guy.

"We viewed him, a couple of us were talking the other day, and viewed him like he was the alpha male of our dorm. He was cool, he was macho - but also he was so down to earth, loving and caring," said Grant Huizenga, who lived in Engel's dorm.