Old 97 mural about to get a facelift

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DANVILLE (WSLS10) - The mural in Danville that pays tribute to the deadly 1903 train wreck near the city is about to get a facelift.

The Old 97 mural and the wall it is painted on will be repainted, starting in May or June.

The River District Association will pay for the repainting of the mural while the city's industrial authority will pay for the wall to be repainted. The industrial authority owns the building.

This will be the first restoration of the mural since it was originally painted in 2005. River District Association Executive Director, Ernecia Coles, says this is a big part of continuing the city's effort to attract people and businesses to downtown.

"We want to do our part, as the association, to make sure that the aspects of downtown Danville that we're responsible for are maintained," she said "the artists will basically scrape where the paint is worn and then repaint."

The city's historic murals committee has not decided yet who they will hire to work on the mural.

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