Roanoke City Sheriff's deputy fights cancer, encourages colonoscopy testing

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SALEM (WSLS 10) -- Roanoke City Sheriff Master Deputy Tim McCoy isn't used to being sick, he said, in his bed at LewisGale Medical Center.

"I would go to the gym and would do half of my workout and I would get really tired. It was like somebody was draining the life out of me."

That wasn't the norm for the McCoy who worked out seven days a week until one day last May when someone stopped him as he left the gym, cutting yet another workout short.

"I said I know, I feel bad. I said I don't feel real good. She said no you've got that great great death look on you."

McCoy says it was enough to get him to the doctor. He scheduled a colonoscopy and was later diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

"They said they got both tumors but they're still little cancer cells floating around and that's why am here now."

After two operations, McCoy says he's now getting a heavy does of chemotherapy, three days straight then 12 days off.

The once 190 pound world record holding bench press champion dropped to 104 pounds. Now at 120, McCoy says he's feeling better and fighting back.

"I think I've got it beat though."

"We know," his wife Jeannie added.

"We know we've got it beat now," Tim McCoy added.

Jeannie stays by his side at the hospital nearly every night, pulling up a cot so she can be close to her husband.

"My life is with him wherever it is. I'm with him," she said.

Together, husband and wife are making it their mission to encourage others.

"If I would have went two, three years ago like I was supposed to when you turn 45, 50, it would have been no problem. They said it would have been a polyp and they would have taken it out. And now look."

"If what we're going through right now could save anybody," Jeannie said. "It's not a big deal. Go get your colonoscopy. Go get your mammograms."

The McCoys aren't fighting alone.

His law enforcement family has been holding fundraisers since the beginning to help relieve the couple of Tim's mounting medical bills.

There will be a Fundraising Craft Show Saturday, March 19, at Life Church Roanoke that will include more than 30 vendors, a bake sale and a silent auction.

Law enforcement from around the area will also take part in a police car show.

"We've got 17 different agencies law enforcement agencies from around the state that's coming in and bringing their cars," said organizer Jason Lane. Donors can put their change into a jar next to each vehicle. The car with the most money will win while all the donations will go to the McCoy family.