RVHR cares for 62 horses and counting, cruelty, neglect cases on the rise

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HARDY (WSLS 10) - Close to capacity, the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue is working to save 62 horses. A little more than 25-percent of them come from Franklin County.

Most recently, seven emaciated horses were seized from Michael Cabbler, 62, of Hardy who is charged with 14 counts of animal cruelty and neglect.


One of those seven horses is a dark brown thoroughbred stallion.

He may not look like it now, but before he was skin and bones, starved from being locked in a barn for months and forgotten, he was a prize winning race horse earning it's owner more than $357,000.

"It's sad that this animal worked it's life to win its owner prize money and stuff and they end up like this," said Patricia Muncy, Founder and CEO of the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue.

At the rescue, he's now known as Captain Hook. He was found with 6 other horses in the same condition. All were without food and water. They survived by eating bark off of trees.

So far they have spent more than $3,500 on saving those 7 alone. They expect to spend at least that much more.

Of their 62 horses, 17 are from Franklin County. Last year, a total of 20 horses were brought to RVHR. This year, 10 have already come from Franklin County.

Muncy says there are a variety of reasons for the increase. She says Spring is the time of year when they really see the influx in cases.

"That's when people are getting outside, enjoying the weather and can finally see through the trees on these farms. They can see the abused animals who aren't hidden away," Muncy said.

As for Franklin County, she highly credits animal control for doing a thorough job in working animal abuse cases.

"The reason your seeing so many cases is that we have a good animal control. They go in and do something about it," Muncy said.

She says they are compassionate about animals and do all they can to work with owners to correct the problem before charges must be made. When those problems aren't corrected, she says they take quick action.

That along with hard economic times and an aging farming population across the state is why Muncy says there are so many cases. They aren't easy or cheap to care for. Although they are only volunteers and rely on public donations, she says her non-profit would rather take on the cost versus this alternative.

RVHR heavily relies on the help from the public. They are in need of donations, volunteers and sponsorships for their horses. More information can be found on their website.

Listed below are items they need to help save horses on a daily basis. Barn Needs

· Plastic muck forks

· Portable corral fencing panels

· Duct Tape (pink, green, yellow, red, purple – for labeling horse halters)

· Heavy-duty sweep and push brooms

· Feed

· Triple Crown Senior

· Legends Performance

· Pelleted Rice Bran

· Sentinel LS

· Sentinel Senior

· Alfalfa/Grass Forage Cubes and bagged hay

· Pelleted vitamin/mineral supplements

Office Supplies

· Copy Paper (White)

· Envelopes – all sizes for mailings

· Staples Gift Certificates

· Forever Stamps

Maintenance & Construction Needs

· Donation of mechanic services for lawn mowers & weed-whackers

· Bluestone, Crush & Run

· Bags of concrete

· Fence posts (minimum 4×4)

· Nail gun

· General tools (hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches etc.)

· Power tools

· T1-11 paneling

Monthly sponsors for a horse at RVHR in need or forever home.

Going by the Grocery Store Today?Here are a few items you can donate from there.Corn OilCanned Corn and Canned Carrots Corn Flakes,  Apple Sauce, Gatorade any flavor.Horse Needs: Seasonal

·         Spring – grazing muzzles (horse, pony)

·         Summer – fly masks (all sizes, yearling through adult,      and Arab), fly spray, sunscreen

·         Winter – waterproof turnout blankets (any size but      greatest need is 66-74, mainly heavy-weight)

Horse Needs: General (Year-round)

·         Hay (square and round bales, grass or grass-mix, good quality, dry, clean)

·         Breakaway halters (all sizes, including Arabian)

·         Bagged sawdust

·         Southern States or Tractor Supply gift certificate

·         Kroger or Foodlion gift certificate

·         Mineral blocks and bricks (red)

·         Cotton lead ropes

·         50 gallon water tanks

 RVHR has been offered the cutting of hay fields. They are in need of the following supplies for their equipment to cut hay for the horses here in their care.Supplies forNew Hollands 2008 TC 40 A Tractor –Hydraulic flood 5 Gallon container,Oil filter, diesel filterNew Hollands TT 50 A Tractor –Hydraulic fluid 5 Gallon container, Oil filter, diesel filter

 Franklin Welding & Equipment Co

540-483-5565 Will except payments donated to our account so we ca

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