Cubans hope Obama's visit brings change

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HAVANA (AP) — Havana residents say they hope U.S. President Barack Obama's meeting with Raul Castro of Cuba today will bring change that betters their lives in concrete ways.

Just before the encounter was set to take place, Marta Rodriguez was waiting for a bus to go to work. She said "what I hope for is an agreement, an improvement for us."

Roberto Hernandez is a 52-year-old construction worker. He says some things have changed as longtime Cold War foes Havana and Washington repair relations, but added: "I don't see a complete change as the people had expected."

Hernandez says he'd like to see changes that include ending the U.S. embargo, which is also a chief demand of the Cuban government.

Obama has implemented a number of measures poking holes in the embargo, but the power to lift it outright lies with the U.S. Congress.