Historic Masonic Theatre leaders to collect community's stories

Construction continues on Masonic Theater in Clifton Forge (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

CLIFTON FORGE (WSLS 10) - The oldest working theatre in Virginia is close to reopening its doors in early July, but before anyone takes the stage leaders want stories.

After years of planning and months of construction the renovation on the Historic Masonic Theatre in Clifton Forge will wrap up in May, but leaders want to hear past stories from the community.

New memories will soon be made and collecting the old ones is important to project supervisors.

"It's amazing how many people from the community have a story about this place even folks that have moved away have had a great memory, maybe they met somebody for a first date there something of that nature. It's kind of part of the living fabric of the building," said Meade Snyder, Masonic Theatre Preservation Foundation, President.

If you would like to tell your theatre story email Gayle Hillert at gaylehillert@gmail.com.

Construction begins on Masonic Theater in Clifton Forge (Image 3)

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