Ugandan Kids Choir sings its way across America

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ROANOKE (WSLS10) - A group of children from Uganda are singing their way across America to spread hope for children in poverty. They made a stop in the Star City as part of their journey.

They are singing their way up the East Coast and for many, experiencing America for the first time.

"I've met a lot of people," said Elizabeth Ounkunda, the group's choir teacher. "I got to be with the children. I got to work with the most amazing team. It's been amazing and the food is good."

This group of 12, 10 children and two teachers, traveled here from their villages in Uganda as part of the Ugandan Kids Choir to help bring awareness to poverty.

Many in the group can relate, coming from impoverished homes themselves.

"It's different," commented 11-year-old Diana Nalubega. "It's not like here where they do construction. At home, it's very dusty."

"When we came here in America, the kids were really blown away and like 'wow auntie, we get to eat fruits every day. We get to eat tangerines. We get to eat oranges and back home it not, it's a commodity, not a necessity."

Ounkunda said many in the group live on about 30 gallons of water to bathe, cook, clean and drink.Getting that water requires fetching it from a river and hauling it the distance home. She added that the majority of the population is illiterate.

Now, surrounded by host families and plenty of food to go around, the choir will continue on its 11-month tour.

Spreading awareness, the children hope others will help donate. Through this program, raising money help gives Ugandan kids food, clothing, medical care and an education.

Watch the group sing one of its songs: