Judge grants Marcus Vick $50,000 bond

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WAVY News Staff – NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Former Virginia Tech quarterback and Hampton Roads native Marcus Vick appeared in a Newport News court Thursday morning on several charges, including assaulting an officer.

A Circuit Court judge set Vick's bond at $50,000, during the hearing. The bond breaks down to $30,000 for an assault on a law enforcement officer charge, $10,000 for resisting arrest and $10,000 for obstruction of justice.

The prosecution objected to the judge's decision Thursday, and say they plan to file an appeal.

The judge also ruled Thursday that Vick cannot drive, must live with his mother in Chesapeake, must undergo regular drug tests and cannot test positive.

Online arrest records initially showed that Vick, 32, was charged with assault involving a hate crime on Sunday. However, Newport News Police spokesman Lou Thurston said that was an error. Vick was actually arrested for assault on a law enforcement officer. He is also facing charges of obstruction of justice, destruction of property and resisting arrest.

Vick's arrest happened in the 800 block of City Center Boulevard near Canon Boulevard.

Court paperwork obtained by WAVY News shows that an officer was called to Onelife Fitness Sunday afternoon, and spoke with a man identified as Vick.

Thurston said police had received information that Vick was wanted in Montgomery County, Va. on a contempt of court charge. The officer advised him that he was going to be placed under arrest. Vick then reportedly attempted to run — and damaged the door of the property in the process.

The officer stated that he tried to stop Vick by grabbing his upper-body, but that Vick pushed him away and into a countertop. Vick was eventually taken into custody after a brief foot chase. The officer was not hurt.

The Newport News Commonwealth's Attorney told 10 On Your Side's Rico Bush that he believes the police body cameras were working during the incident Sunday.

Staff at Montgomery County's Circuit Court said a judge there ordered Vick's arrest in 2013, when he didn't show up for a matter related to a civil suit. A spokesperson with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said deputies searched for Vick, but he was not in the area.

Court documents show he lives in Georgia. Vick declined to talk to WAVY News from jail earlier this week.

Newport News City Councilwoman Tina Vick, the defendant's aunt, said she did not have much information on the case. She told WAVY News, "I hope this situation is resolved and he can move on with his life. My prayers are definitely with my nephew."

Onelife Fitness declined to comment on the case and said there was no video available of the incident.

Along with the charges from Newport News, Vick also has to face the charges out of Montgomery County. He will not be released until the case is handled in Montgomery County — where he has no bond.

Vick's next court date in Newport News is on July 11 for a preliminary hearing.

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